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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a systematic form of diagnosis and treatment that recognises the individual structural and functional integrity of the body. Osteopathy utilizes many diagnostic procedures used in conventional medicine, although considerable emphasis is placed on individual assessment from a mechanical, functional and postural standpoint. There may be appropriate referral to other professionals and the request of additional investigations like blood tests and x-rays allowing a full diagnosis and subsequently a specific treatment plan developed for the individual patient.

Osteopathy treats
  • Acute and Chronic Back Pain
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Sciatica
  • Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Sports Injuries
  • Trapped Nerves
  • Whiplash Associated Disorders
  • Arthritic/Rheumatic Pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Strain
  • Ligament Sprain
  • Pre and Post Natal Problems
  • Postural Disorders
  • Immobility

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Cranial Osteopathy is an extremely refined and gentle approach to Osteopathic treatment.  It was developed by Dr. William Garner Sutherland DO in the early twentieth century to allow the release of stresses developed throughout the body.

Osteopaths that practice cranial Osteopathy are trained to feel a very subtle, rhythmical change in shape of all body tissues, described as involuntary motion. Tension in the body disrupts this involuntary motion. Practitioners of Osteopathy compare what your rhythm is doing to what they consider ideal. This shows them what stresses and strains your body is under at present, and what tensions it may be carrying as a result of its past history. It also gives Osteopaths an insight into the overall condition of your body, for example if it is healthy, or stressed and tired.

Accumulation of stress and strain in the body

When we experience physical or emotional stress our body tissues tend to tighten up. The body may be able to adapt to these effects at the time, but lasting strain patterns often remain, and restrict its free movement.  Gradually the body may find it more and more difficult to cope with accumulated stress and symptoms may develop. Osteopathy aims to target these areas of tension and strain to provide relief.


What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a holistic approach to health based on over 2000 years of developments and refinements in the Far East.  Medical acupuncture is a more recent development, practiced predominantly by doctors and Osteopaths, using a range of acupuncture techniques on the basis of a western medical diagnosis.  Acupuncture involves the use of fine, sterile, single use needles which are inserted quickly into the tissues just under the skin.  This should not be painful; some people may report experiencing a pinprick sensation when undergoing acupuncture.

Acupuncture treats a wide range of symptoms and ailments and at The Osteopaths Walters~Pearce~Mercer~Perkins is most often used in conjunction with Osteopathic treatment. The skill of an acupuncturist lies in their ability to make an informed diagnosis from what is often a complex pattern of symptoms. All Osteopaths at The Osteopaths Walters~Pearce~Mercer~Perkins practise acupuncture.


What is Podiatry (Chiropody)?

Podiatry, formerly referred to as Chiropody, is a field of healthcare primarily devoted to the study and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and sometimes knee, leg and hip (collectively known as the lower extremity). Podiatrists are able to provide advice on foot care, appropriate foot wear, gait analysis and health education. Podiatrists can offer treatment for a range of foot problems such as corns, bunions and athlete’s foot as well as treatment and foot checkups for sufferers of diabetes and diabetes related problems.


What are Orthotics?

The Osteopaths Walters~Pearce~Perkins~Cadwallader are glad to be able to offer custom made functional orthotics. Functional orthotics are orthopaedic insoles that correct your specific foot imbalance. They simply slip into your shoes and are made of a flexible moulded plastic. The Orthoses prescribed at the The Osteopaths Walters~Pearce~Perkins~Cadwallader are high quality devices and are hand finished.  They are produced for much finer tolerances, than that which can be achieved using traditional methods of manufacture, due to innovative computer aided design and technology.

The Benefits

When the mechanics of your feet begin to work appropriately it will aid:- the reduction of muscle strain, prevent torsion and added stresses being put on the muscles, ligaments and joints of the foot, ankle, knees, hips and spine.  Consequently correcting any imbalance in the feet can have a great effect throughout the body.

Functional orthotics are produced from specific measurements and individual ‘off weight-bearing’ casts of the patient’s feet that are a true reflection of the patient’s foot mechanics and therefore correct the most subtle of foot imbalances. As a result functional orthotics can be expensive with prices from £300. Therefore, it is important that patients considering using prescription orthotics use them properly to gain full value of the product. To learn more, please visit:

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