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The Osteopaths can now use online video consultations and it’s proving to be very successful, effective and, of course, safe.

It’s easy to use.  We send you an email with a link which you click on, allowing use of your microphone and video, then we join the conversation, at an agreed appointment time.

It’s important for us to listen to your story, tell us what symptoms you’re suffering, and how it started, so that, by putting the pieces of the puzzle together, we can make a diagnosis.

If you can wear some loose clothing, we can assess your mobility, perhaps observe you walking, and maybe ask you to perform a few tests, which help us confirm the diagnosis.

Then we can think about treatment, looking at how you’re using your body, possibly observing you sitting at your desk, or in your armchair, perhaps making adjustments to the way you are doing things so we can find the reasons why your problem is being slow or not recovering as you need it to.

Putting all this together, we can give you advice and find solutions which will help you turn the corner and get you back on the right track to being pain-free and more mobile, helping you return to doing what you want to do, on a daily basis.

We can email you a set of exercises, which will assist the changes we have suggested.

Always get in touch, phone or email us, if you have any questions or queries.  Meanwhile, we can follow you up in a few days’ time and take you on to the next step.

Osteopathy aims to encourage the body to heal, (as sometimes it doesn’t or the tissues are TOO slow to recover), helping you return to optimum health.





  • Do not use your laptop on your lap. Put it on a stable base with support for your arms
  • Use a separate keyboard and mouse if possible and perch your laptop on books or a stand, at eye level
  • Adjust your chair if possible so that your hips are higher than your knees
  • Set a larger than normal text size
  • Take short breaks every 20 to 30 minutes and walk around
  • During video conferences, place your device on a shelf – and stand up
  • Good habits will prevent aches

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